Synthetic commodity money is a new classification for scarce assets (like GOLD, SILVER, AND DIAMOND). Bitcoin is an example of Synthetic commodity money that could reform money and be a better alternative to traditional assets. But the problem with most crypto assets today is they are highly correlated with one another and follow the price pattern of Bitcoin. High correlations in the decentralized market prohibit diversification due to several price fluctuations and affect all other cryptocurrencies in general. One of the main factors for such price fluctuation is the lack of adequate control when big investors decide to cash out in bulk, which completely crashes the token price. This page introduces a new innovative high store of value cryptocurrency called BLACK COLLATERAL (BLACK), where users are restricted from selling the tokens in large quantities using a novel time lock mechanism. As a result, the investors are forced to hold the currencies for an extended period that fundamentally makes the economic model different from other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Black is backed by a pool of crypto assets locked in a crypto reserve called Burn Vault to provide minimum guarantee price support, where the user can cash out without impacting the market price.


Gold is one of the best stores of value for its unique properties, interwoven into cultures for thousands of years. People continued to hold gold for various reasons throughout the centuries. Modern economies have placed value on gold, thus perpetuating its worth. This project aims to innovate new digital collateral like GOLD making it a better store of value.
Black Collateral introduces the new digital asset protocol where investors are forced to hold the asset through a novel mechanism called Time Lock. By submitting the time-lock, the holders of the assets can't manipulate the price to a greater extent, resulting in long-regulated purchase power. The protocol itself is designed to be precious commodity money because they are free from market distortions, centralization, and resistance to economic shocks. These qualities make black one of the world's first non-depreciation cryptocurrencies designed to maintain its purchase power over time. The protocol also prevents early investors from selling their tokens in large quantities.


BLACK aims to the world's first Non-depreciating Smart Money with all the characteristics of GOLD through an optimized Time-Lock dynamics and Burn-Vault Asset Support to regulate linear purchase power increase. The protocol achieves market cap growth after every transaction through the following SIX novel dynamics
A) Regulates selling pressure by enforcing a time-lock on the holder's wallet, due to which one can't sell more than 1% of the asset in 24 hours.
B) Regulates supply after every transaction using a built-in burning mechanism that instantly incentivizes the holder's portfolio.
C) Share 4% of the transaction amount equally among holders
D) Burn 4% of the transaction amount forever from the circulation
E) Convert 1% of the transaction amount to BNB and send it to the Burn Vault
F) Convert 1% of the transaction amount to BNB and send it back to the liquidity pool
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